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SMS Services for School

Have you ever needed to contact a pupil's parent or guardian but never been able to contact them or maybe they've said that they never use their mobile phone answer service, due to the high costs of the call. We've all heard the stories, and excuses, but this is where SMS messages can help your School run more efficiently.

Sending text messages from your computer is a great way for Schools and higher educational boards to reach out to pupils fast and economically, with prices from as low as 2 cents SMS service providers can help you save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on printing and stationary alone. 

It's so easy to compose a SMS (text) message using an online SMS provider it's as simple as typing text messages on your mobile phone, or just typing text on your computer. Most SMS providers offer an easy interface where you can manage, schedule and store your messages online, and without needing any additional software to download on to your computer, there's no need for a tech guru to visit and help you set up your account too.

By using SMS for your School you can save precious time and be more efficient with:

• School reminders
• School events
• School closures
• School holidays
• Emergencies

Using your SMS platform is also a great way to collect, and store pupil's and parents mobile phone contact numbers, and with the benefit that you can send SMS messages to individuals and groups by using your online platform or by email and even using your own mobile phone itself, the possibilities of keeping your pupils and parents informed at a moments notice is as easy as putting the kettle on and making a cup of tea.

Plus just think of the amount of paper, ink, stamps and staff time you can save by composing and scheduling a majority of your School memo's and general day to day events by SMS. With the fact that 97% of mobile phone users actually read SMS messages within minutes, you can be assured your message will be received no matter how important it is, and from an affordable 2 cent. per message it's cheaper than a phone call too.

Most Schools hate being fixed to contracts, especially a monthly subscription and that's why many SMS services is fully Pay as you go, simply pay when you need to send out your SMS messages. School will always ready to go  easily, 24/7 365 days a year.

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